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    “At Sedgefield Community College, striving for the highest possible standards in Learning and Teaching are central to everything that we do. It is only by ensuring high quality learning that we can enable our students to ACHIEVE their full potential and ensure their enjoyment of their lessons each day.
    We believe that we need to ensure our students do not simply know information, but they fully understand it. This desire to ensure ‘Deep Learning’ means we want to support our students in having the skills to be successful learners. “

  • Thinking School Accreditation

    Advanced Thinking Schools award

    In July 2015, Sedgefield Community College was successful in becoming one of only a handful of schools nationally to have achieved the prestigious Advanced Thinking School Award.  This award comes through the University of Exeter and recognises the commitment of the school to the development of an ethos that ensures our students and staff are able to think with sophistication and independence.




latest news


Dance Show 11th January 2017

Congratulation to Mrs Urwin and the students of Sedgefield Community College for the success of the recent ‘Dance Show’ , which proved to be a 'sell out'.
Throughout the course of the evening there were numerous high quality performances from over 100 students , along with the impressive sound and lighting which provided students with the opportunity to experience being part of something that resembles a professional production. We're sure that those students involved enjoyed an experience which they will remember for many years to come.


Staff and students continue to raise money for Bloodwise, a charity close to the heart of one of our Maths teachers, Mr Paul McGeary. Please follow the link below to find out more.

Bloodwise Link

NSPCC warning over Tinder-like app for teenagers.

A Tinder-like app for teenagers is putting young people at risk of predators by having no checks on users’ age, the NSPCC has warned.

The Yellow app claims to have five million users and is the second most popular free lifestyle app after Tinder on the Apple app store in the UK.

Like Tinder, users can connect with strangers by swiping right on their profile picture. When both users mutually ‘like’ each other they can chat by adding each other on picture-messaging service Snapchat.

But unlike dating app Tinder - which raised its minimum age to 18 this summer after charities said paedophiles could use it to groom children - Yellow does not have checks in place to verify ages.

Snapchat is popular amongst teenagers and has a reputation for being used to send sexual content. But there are systems in place which means it is not easy for users to find strangers.

Yellow, which is owned by a different company, does allow users to add strangers on Snapchat.

A spokesman for the NSPCC said: “Any app that allows strangers to send photos to children or vice versa is troubling – particularly where the images being exchanged are of a sexual nature. And Yellow’s settings that enable adults to view children, through a service blatantly aimed at flirting and relationships, also creates an opportunity for sexual predators to target young people. This needs to be urgently addressed.

"We want age verification measures in the Digital Economy Bill that will stop under-18s accessing porn websites to be extended to cover social networking platforms. This would mean adults would not be able to pose as children or vice versa, and any operator that failed to comply could face fines or be blocked from operating in the UK.

“We would urge parents to have a conversation with their children so that they know how to stay safe online.”

The Sunday Times – UK’s top 50 schools

Parents who do not read the online version of the Sunday Times may not be aware that Sedgefield featured in its 2016 list of the UK’s top 50, 11-16 schools. As parents will appreciate to feature in this list, is a notable achievement, and also extremely rare for North East schools. I hope students (past and present) take a lot of pride knowing that their achievements are being recognised in this way. Similarly, it is pleasing to see Sedgefield’s staff being recognised for their unwavering commitment and determination to ensure that student’s achievements are amongst the best in the country.

Congratulations to everyone.

We are now digital

Parents / carers are reminded that the college now only sends parental correspondence (newsletters, progress reports etc) via email. It is therefore essential that the college always holds up to date email addresses. Please contact us if your email address changes.

Community College opens another new building

Residents will be aware that only a few years ago the tired and run down old Community College building was replaced with a stunning new £20 million replacement. However as the college’s reputation has grown alongside consistently outstanding student performance, demand for places has left the school bursting at the seams! This has led to old and dilapidated temporary classrooms, which had remained after the old school had been demolished, finally being replaced with an entirely more suitable annex which opened its doors to students for the first time this month. Headteacher Mr Davies commented that he was ‘delighted that finally, regardless of the lesson being taught, our outstanding students would be able to enjoy working in the first class facilities that they deserve’.

Sedgefield Community College students celebrate ‘fantastic’ GCSE results

The recent release of 2016 GCSE results has once again confirmed Sedgefield Community College’s place amongst an elite group of the North of England’s highest performing schools. This latest set of results has provided parents with the assurance that students of all abilities continue to achieve exceptional outcomes that far exceed that of students elsewhere. The college has consistently held the accolade of being County Durham’s highest attaining secondary school and one of the top five of the 306 North East schools and there are no signs of standards slipping.

Headteacher Dave Davies remarked upon the continued success of the college;

"Once again the success of our students has left me with an overwhelming feeling of pride. I am hugely proud, both of the students themselves and all of the college staff that have helped them achieve another fantastic set of results."

"I am delighted that by achieving these results our students are now provided with opportunities that may not have existed otherwise. Whilst this of course gives me great satisfaction, it is equally as pleasing to see this group of young people develop in the way that they have over their five years with us, and now move onto the next stage of their lives as happy, confident and of course now successful young adults."

"As Headteacher I can assure parents of current Sedgefield students that our ingrained expectation of high standards will not falter, nor will we become complacent. Rather we will continue to look for ways to improve yet further for the benefit of our students and the community."

"On behalf of the Governors and staff of Sedgefield Community College I wish our class of 2016 success and happiness for the future."



Student Wellbeing

Sedgefield Community College has a culture, ethos and environment which create a positive influence on the health and well-being of its students and their readiness to learn.
The student Well-being learning platform provides students with a wealth of reliable information, advice and guidance on all health and well-being issues from puberty to young adulthood. We know this is a time when they can experience periods of upheaval, change and growth. How they meet the challenges of these years to some extent determines their learning and future life choices.

Keep Safe @ Sedgefield

If you or someone you are concerned about needs help or advice about anything that is worrying you, no matter how big or small, we want to help you. You should always try and speak to a teacher first, but if you are finding it hard to go and talk to someone directly, you can fill in this form and send it to us as a first step.


Keeping your children safe online

Many children will be getting new electronic toys and gadgets over Christmas – and it important to help them use them safely.
The best way of protecting children is to play alongside them and help them learn safely, but setting up Parental Controls on new devices will provide additional safety.  This website provides guidance on how to set this up on a wide range of devices.


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